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CLARIMAN CONSULTANTS GLOBAL (CCG), is a dynamic, full-service outsourcing firm with a new-age approach, providing a comprehensive suite of services to businesses worldwide. With a strategic presence in India, United States and United Arab Emirates, CCG leverages its expertise to offer a broad spectrum of solutions, ranging from incorporations and accounting to strategic management and human resources.


Expert assistance in the establishment and registration of businesses.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Precise and up-to-date management of financial records and transactions.

VAT Compliances

Specialized support in navigating and managing Value Added Tax (VAT) requirements.

Corporate Taxation

Tailored solutions to optimize corporate tax liabilities and compliance.


In-depth evaluation of assets, businesses, and investments for informed decision-making.

Strategic Management

Guidance and support in developing and executing strategic business plans.

Financial Management

Comprehensive assistance in financial planning, budgeting, and overall financial strategy

Compliance & Risk Management

Ensuring regulatory compliance and proactive management of business risks.

Operations & Process Management

Optimization of business operations and processes for increased efficiency.

Management Consulting

Advisory services aimed at enhancing overall organizational performance.

Human Resource

Holistic HR support, including recruitment, training, and personnel management.

Medical Billings

Efficient handling of medical billing processes, including coding and reimbursement activities.

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