About Us

Clariman Consultants is a new-age, full-service outsourcing firm that offers a range of services in strategy, operations management and consulting - accounting, taxation, HR, operations & process, CFO, compliance & risk management, legal & statutory, among others.

An associate company of ATLC Group, the firm functions independently from the global hub of outsourcing - Kolkata in India, servicing companies across industries, of various sizes and strengths. Clariman Consultants leverages ATLC's years of experience and expertise to solve various challenges of diverse clients.

The team comprises directors who are leading professionals of the services offered by the firm, and work with a shared ambition to achieve results beyond client expectations. With a unique approach, the firm enables sustained results for its clients.

Our outsource services focus on clients' most critical opportunities and challenges: strategy, organization, operations, functions, transformation, finance, taxation, and CFO services, and more.

Clariman Consultants marry strong functional expertise with an all-round comprehensive perspective: we bring in and carry on functions that enhance business operational agility, create value through efficient functions, and accelerate growth.

We have proven a multiplier effect of growth within and between the silos of organizations. Our services grow as businesses grow. We help businesses steal a march on run-of-the-mill outsourcing.


We are an outsource agency that helps the most ambitious small and medium-sized firms achieve desired results with limited resources.


From start-ups to mid-sized companies to larger enterprises, our consultancy services focus on our clients needs, however basic or critical.


We bring expert functional expertise at the same time, maintain a forward-thinking perspective that captures value across sectors, borders and between silos of organizations.


 Agility and adaptability
 Friendliness and approachability Diligence and dedication
 Passion and curiosity Ethics and ambition
 Customer centricity and transparency
 Tech and software enablement


 Small and mid-size companies
 Businesses across sectors and industries
 Companies from across the world and growing economies
 Organizations seeking outsourcing services
 Ambitious clients who want to grow with professional services
 Organizations that want to get it right. The first time. Every time.
 Businesses seeking competent outsourced expertise to steer them through challenges