About Us

CLARIMAN CONSULTANTS GLOBAL (CCG), is a dynamic, full-service outsourcing firm with a new-age approach, providing a comprehensive suite of services to businesses worldwide. With a strategic presence in India, United States and United Arab Emirates, CCG leverages its expertise to offer a broad spectrum of solutions, ranging from incorporations and accounting to strategic management and human resources.


To empower businesses through innovative outsourcing solutions, enabling them to thrive in a dynamic and competitive global market.


From start-ups to mid-sized companies to larger enterprises, our consultancy services focus on our clients needs, however basic or critical.


We bring expert functional expertise at the same time, maintain a forward-thinking perspective that captures value across sectors, borders and between silos of organizations.


 Holistic service portfolio covering a wide range of business functions.
 Global presence offering insights into diverse business landscapes.
 Expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments.
 Client-centric approach, providing personalized solutions.
 Commitment to excellence and efficiency in service delivery.


 Businesses across sectors and industries
 Companies from across the world and growing economies
 Organizations seeking outsourcing services
 Ambitious clients who want to grow with professional services
 Organizations that want to get it right. The first time. Every time.


CCG emerges as a versatile outsourcing partner, addressing the multifaceted needs of businesses by combining expertise, innovation, and a global perspective. Whether it's financial management, compliance, or strategic planning, CCG stands out as a reliable and comprehensive solution provider for businesses seeking excellence in outsourcing services.